Angelamaria Groppi


Angelamaria Groppi, MSc in Nuclear Engineering at Politecnico of Milano, in 2008 has obtained her PhD with honours in Management and Economics at the same University by defending a thesis entitled “Investments in the power generation sector: an empirical analysis of siting policies”. She is currently working as a researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Management and Economics (Politecnico di Milano) on “Wintes” project on “Water innovation” (to analyze drivers and barriers to adoption of innovative Wastewater treatment technologies and to understand the role of regulation) and “Water observatory” (to map firms and current technologies, identifying main critical issues and trends in the water sectors in the Lombardia Region, along with proposing some innovative technologies driven by the European water sector priorities). More recently, she has collaborated with the Italian Energy and Water Regulatory Authority mainly on the approving of Investments Programs proposed by the local Regulatory Authorities for the Second Regulatory Period (2016-2019) and on the development of a new tariff for the collection & treatment of industrial wastewater (since June 2015). Since May 2013 she is taking part to affiliate faculty directory of HydroInformatics Lab, based in Como, multidisciplinary research on water resources for sustainable development ( ).



Her research interests are related to the institutional transformations affecting the energy industry (liberalization, market regulation, environmental regulation, privatization) and, more recently, the water supply sector (economic and environmental regulation, investments and innovation).

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