The Dunning Centre Europe for International Business 

The Dunning Centre for International Business Europe is the hub for Continental Europe of the John H. Dunning for International Business and it has been established since 2021 at Politecnico di Milano

One of the world’s leading research centre in International Business for almost 60 years, the Centre was renamed in honour of the late Professor John H Dunning. Dunning Centre Europe include internationally-renowned IB scholars including Prof. Lucia Piscitello, Prof. Antonello Zanfei and Prof. Grazia Santangelo from different well-known European institutions with a long heritage in International Business research

The Dunning Centre Europe, based at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, coordinates EU-based partners, and complements Dunning partners’ research through its expertise in innovation policy and economic geography. Dunning Centre Europe is part of a wider network:

What kinds of research do the Dunning Centres do?

The Dunning Centres addresses two key aspects relating to contemporary business. Firstly, we pursue the further development and practical application of the particular ‘Reading School to the analysis of international business, to evaluate the impact of international business on socio-economic and managerial issues. These issues can include firm performance, sustainable development, CSR, and the management of human resources within MNEs. We have a special interest in growth, development and inequality and the how international business (through both trade and investment) affects the strategies of firms and the evolution of local economies in developing countries. 

Much of our research pays special attention to the development challenges and opportunities associated with the activities of cross-border activities of multinational firms. This is not just intellectualizing for its own sake. In an increasingly complex and constantly evolving socio-economic world, politically salient and relevant research-driven policy advice can have long-term consequences.

Secondly, the Dunning Centres are concerned with business strategy per se, as implemented in all types of firms (including small and medium-size enterprises), and a wide range of industries and competitive contexts. A considerable amount of research by the Centre relates to technology strategy, including its manifestation in firms’ approach to R&D and innovation.

An area where the Dunning Centre has been especially strong is in our interaction with policy makers, think-tanks and international agencies. Over the last half century, we have fed into policy and regulation discussions at various levels, and in various countries, whether through our former students, or by our members, associate members and fellows, both past and present.

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Internationally-renowned members of the Centre include Prof. Lucia Piscitello, Prof. Grazia Santangelo, Prof. Antonello Zanfei

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